When I first saw Lego Minifigures Online, I took this with a grain of salt and thought that this might be yet another cashgrab but man I was mistaken. What Lego Minifigures Online does is that it creates a massive LEGO world where you are free to move as you see fit and explore it. It’s basically an action RPG that also has building elements involved, allowing you to solve quests and kill enemies as you progress to the story.


Despite the funny looks and the fact that it’s a game targeted mostly towards kids, Lego Minifigures Online is a good, serious action RPG with a lot of content and a variety of challenges that you need to undergo.

Lego Minifigures Online Review 2016In the beginning I had the opportunity to choose a team of 3 characters, each one having its own set of classes that you can use. Generally, most of these have a builder and at least a warrior, with the last character being usually a random class. But why would you need a builder? Because in this large game world you have to peruse, there are many locations in which you need to build items in order to move forward. It’s a very interesting, quite refreshing mechanic that you need to undergo, and the results are amazing to say the least.

Lego Minifigures Online is all about, as the name states, minifigures and the process of collecting them. The game world is very large and all you have to do is to focus on killing enemies, leveling up and collecting these great figures. All figures can be used in the game as your team, and you can customize your team as you see fit. From knights to mermaids, dancers, aliens or chicken, the figurines are varied and, to be honest, very fun, which make the experience an amazing one.

Onward to the game world, I enjoy the diversity that they added here. There are tropical islands, alien planets, pirate dens, cities and many, many others. But maybe the interesting thing about them is that everything is teeming with life.

Each character has a set of skills that you can actually improve, and the gameplay changes quite drastically based on what you do. It’s very nice to have a title that manages to go beyond the normal ARPG experience and insert some puzzles there. Thankfully, these puzzles are cool and simple enough so that kids can do it. Seeing an engineer constructing a LEGO cannon is one of the funnies experiences you can see, and so is attacking a LEGO alien.

You will need to acquire a variety of game currencies as you play, and each one of them can be gotten in a certain way. Of course, the stars are mostly acquired via smashing buildings and items, which takes the whole experience to a whole new level. Once you smash an item you can collect the remnants, and there are many situations in which you will get items to create something new.

The adventure takes place online, so you basically manages to play with real people from all over the world and team up with them! Even if you play in singleplayer, you do have the opportunity to shift between the team members, and these are easily customizable. There are no boundaries in regards to how immersive the experience can actually be, and I have to say that the more you play this title, the more you get hooked to it, which is rather cool.

Each minifigure has its own stats, a bio, and also information about the powerful bonuses that they bring to the table. The minifigure stats include power, defense and creativity, with the latter being related strictly to the building aspect of each character. Of course, the warriors lack creativity but they more than make up for it with the defense value and factor that you need to take into account.

Lego MMORPG 2016Depending on the level, you will have the opportunity to unlock more and more figures, from the wizard to Egyptian warrior, Lifeguards, Alien Troopers, princesses and even the prospector. All of these combined provide you with a lot of variety and they just make the game experience great.

Combat requires a lot of clicking and there is a ton of loot, as you would expect from an RPG. What I find very impressive and different when it comes to Lego Minifigures Online is the fact that the gameplay is very good at all times, and each character does have a different set of moves as you play, which is rather cool. Of course, there are situations in which you will have the opportunities to explore large game worlds. I love the combat here, as it’s lacking violence, and instead it focuses on just bringing in a fun, cute experience for everyone. While the game is obviously targeted towards kids, there are things that make it great for older players as well, such as the gameplay and the interesting character upgrades.


As expected, here you get the LEGO style, nothing more and nothing less. The graphics look great, and the game is nicely created, and the fact that you can unique with other people in order to play makes the whole gameplay even more immersive. There’s just a lot of character to discover, and each one of them is the LEGO representation of either a pop icon, real life ideas and other stuff. It’s hard to compare the graphics with something else, but rest assured that they are very good regardless and they indeed are one of the main reasons to play this.


I never thought I could have so much fun in Lego Minifigures Online, and I am very happy I found this game online. Its nice gameplay and funny characters make it a very place to visit and relax, and rest assured that the experience is much more than just a funny thing for kids. I encourage you to check this game out, it has a lot of content and it’s just a pleasure to play, something that should always be at the center of any game!


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